Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Hal Bahr's Travels to UAC 2012

This is an update we got from Hal Bahr on our Postcards from UAC Facebook Group. You can find him on Facebook HERE 

.... and when you do, thank him for sharing his story with us!!

I woke at 3:15 am(after falling asleep at midnight) in my sweet house in Phoenix, Oregon to go to the Medford airport and head to New Orleans for the UAC astrology conference. Over 1500 astrologers under one roof! Now if that ain't enough to make you see stars. I flew in a very small plane with very narrow seats to Denver first. My row-mate was an evangelical minister heading to his son's wedding in Little Rock. He had his bible open and I had my Mountain Astrologer. I couldn't help but take some un-guilty pleasure over our close physical proximity. With every bump I somehow ended up rubbing up against him. Don't hold it against me...;-)

Standing in the boarding line in my Denver to NOLA segment I heard my name being called and turned around to see the beautiful sight of Sandra-Leigh Serio taking the same flight as me. She let me know our mutual buddy Geri Bellino was on the flight too. Of course Sandra is such a class act she was up in First Class but Geri and I got to catch up a bit before she got kicked out of the seat next to me. (okay, her real seat was a couple rows back but for awhile it looked like we were going to be able to hold hands and snuggle on the way to the Big Easy). I had fun watching people get on the plane and deciding whether they were astrologers or not. One couple especially caught my eye and I said to myself "yup, them for sure".

Once on the ground I hooked up with ally Caroline Casey at the baggage claim looking radiant in deep purple hair and smashing fetish jewelry. Groups of astrologers all aglow over being set free to roam together in the wild dire beauty of NOLA! We headed out to share a cab together and wouldn't you know it but that couple from the plane started talking with us and we all climbed into a cab together. Excited sharing of identities, anticipation of roaming the city, and midwestern reminiscences. Barely on the ground and already connecting with spirit tribe allies.

As we were walking to the cab Caroline was expressing her joy in the fact they allow smoking in the cabs here she had brought her organic sacred tobacco with her and was ready for a smoke, and when we got into the cab indeed the scent of well-smoked ciggies already permeated. As we traveled together talking and laughing Caroline lit up and our fellow Pluto-on-his-ascendant health police went into high harrumphatude. Control issues, campaign slogans, reprimands, and counter harrumphs were observed being volleyed to and fro. Will this be UAC in microcosm? Can we appreciate and allow each other to just be without stinking up the place? All this and we've only just gotten to the Marriott! I'm keeping my eyes peeled for that couple. Our paths are bound to remain entwined. So happy to be seeing my Astro-family in all their gory glory. Stay Tuned for more!

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