UAC Postcards is the “brainchild” of Robin Dalton (UK) and Donna Woodwell (Texas, USA).  It started when Robin and Donna were having a conversation on the internet, wherein Robin (who could not attend UAC this year) wanted to have a way to vicariously experience the conference through technology.  Donna (who is attending the conference) thought this was a fabulous idea and with her numerous connections started recruiting astrologers all over the world to help bring the ambiance of the conference to YOU, the astrology community!

 Learn more about ALL of us below!

French Quarter Balconies, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA 

 On-Site at UAC - Look for us and say Hi!


A Renaissance woman, Donna Woodwell is an astrologer, hypnotist and entrepreneur.   Her mission? To live creatively with passion, purpose, abundance and joy, and empower you to do the same!  She lives in Austin, Texas, with her sassy 7-year-old daughter and her pet rat Max.  She’s wearing many hats (and costumes) at UAC, and is looking forward to a week of fun and mischief. You can find her on twitter @lunalicious or online at www.fourmoonsastrology.com.

Wonder Bright is an astrologer living in Los Angeles, CA.  She likes stars of all kinds and is especially interested in what makes them twinkle! She will be the point person on the ground at UAC and you can keep up with her antics via the blogger site. You can also follow her on Twitter @starsofwonder, or keep up with her on her website at www.starsofwonder.com

Off-Site - Around the World Coverage!


Robin Dalton is the originating “brainchild” of UACPostcards!  She is a Professional Astrologer, Writer, Poet, Photographer, Reader and Reviewer of Books, Dog Walker Extraordinaire & ageing hippie chick with her head firmly stuck in the stars ~ She can mostly be found dancing on the South Coast of England with her husband and her dog where she continues to write the novel she has been writing for the last 30 years~ She may be a late bloomer~ She is on Twitter @star_dreamr and blogs at  Stardreamer's Stararts 

Lisa Allen, the AstroHerbalist is at your service being the off-site lead contact for Robin and Donna's brainchild, UACPostcards (and dubbed the Lead Off-Site UACPostcard Elf by Donna)!  Lucky for her, the isolation of Western Montana will not affect her fast internet service (and having a computer-savvy hubby helps to boot!). Her recent homeopathic studies will also not interfere with this UAC "news channel!" Add her on Twitter @aartiana or take a stroll by www.astroherbalist.com for astrology, herbalism, flower essences, and other ramblings.

Anthony B, also known as @Mystic_Virgo67 on Twitter, lives in Lexington, Kentucky, USA and is an Astrologer, Gardener, all around great guy, collects followers as a hobby. Straightens tilted windmills and has a fabulous website, Mystic Virgo, HERE


Nikki Worth is a professional astrologer, teacher, artisan, photographer and avid gardener living in Melbourne, Australia. She enjoys helping people, being creative and interacting with nature. You can find her on her AstroSense blog and website

Margret Gudjonsdottir is an Astrologer living in Reykjavik, Iceland.  She is also educated in many different healing methods and alternative medicine. She is enjoying life in the midnight Sun in beautiful Iceland with family and friends. You can find her on Facebook in Icelandic @ facebook.com/mg stjörnuspeki-í tímanna rás  and her blog in Icelandic.  And here is a link to her brand new “multinational” Twitter account. @twitter.com/AstroMagga

More "Postcard Elves" to be added - Stay tuned for more about:

New York: David Tavalin (found on Twitter @dionysus8)
Sweden: Kjell Pettersson (found on Twitter @kjellpettersson )

and more to come!


  1. Thank you SO MUCH for sharing the UAC experience with those of us who couldn't make it. It makes my imagination soar.

  2. You are very welcome. Thank you so much for taking the time to give us some feedback. It is always welcome! We are enjoying ourselves.

  3. What a nice thing to do...thanks to you all!

  4. This has been a lot of fun, if somewhat to the detriment of my own socializing I find myself sitting in the corner laboriously pecking out messages to go with the photos I am uploading from my phone....

  5. This has been a lot of fun, if somewhat to the detriment of my own socializing I find myself sitting in the corner laboriously pecking out messages to go with the photos I am uploading from my phone....