Monday, May 28, 2012

Molly Hall from Astrology Gives Us a Mention

Just how cool is this! [does happy dance around her aforementioned kitchen] Molly Hall has mentioned us again in one of her posts. And this one, beside mentioning us, is so cool on so many levels]

You can find the link to the full article here: Roman-Era Satire on Astrology

I've been a voyeur on UAC postcards, seeing what all is going down in New Orleans at the UAC conference. My favorite images are of palm and tarot Readers in Jackson Square and one of astrologer Donna Woodwell throwing a shoe on Bourbon Street! Looks like some fun has been had, minds expanded and friendships made from my vantage point three Southern states to the east.

I see that the two major news wires Reuters and Associated Press covered the UAC conference. Only a touch of snark in that first article, but in general a 'just-the-facts' style. It takes me back to being a reporter with the A & P as we called it, in my twenties. The business model mirrors the feedback loop we see in major media -- the wire services collect, rearrange and redistribute. Many wire bureaus I worked in or visited had no windows to the outside world, much less to the wonders of the night sky. 

Though the business-as-usual disparagement of astrology pushes my buttons, I really like satire. Like the Onion horoscopes, with this for Cancer this week: "You will be caught utterly and completely off-guard by next week's events, causing you to wish once again that you had some sort of way to tell the future." 

See rest of article at the link mentioned above!

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