Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Hal Bahr On His Way Home

This is another update we received from Hal Bahr on our Postcards from UAC Facebook Group. You can find him on Facebook HERE  and also on his Wordpress Site: Soul Journey Design



Hal Bahr is in the Louis Armstrong Airport in New Orleans sitting next to Kelly Lee Phipps and Alan Oken waiting for our flight to Denver and then I keep going on westward to Medford Oregon and my sweet home and garden in the little town of Phoenix a few miles away.

UAC was an interesting mix for me. So many brilliant people all together in a hotel that was more than a little toxic. Too much air conditioning keeping the place too cold led to a lose/lose situation with the hotel spending more than they needed, the environment suffering, and a great number of the attendees catching respiratory bugs. I took refuge in the tropical outside air of the pool as much as I could during the main part of the conference. Many of the lecture rooms were cell-like and the set-up lent itself to a fractured feeling instead of really drawing everyone together. When the masses did get together there was a distinctly high school vibe present so I'm hoping next time we gather in a different way and more fully embrace our cooperative efforts here in the world with less need for ego gratification and one-upmanship. I'm sure everyone will leave the event remembering the particularly diabolical elevator system which seemed designed to serve the inanimate much more than the animated people trying to use them. But enough of the gripes.

I got to spend a good amount of time with a number of my favorite astrologers and friends and even managed to make some new ones. I was inspired by some of the speakers and got to meet a number of my Facebook friends. I even got a chance to see some of New Orleans and had a couple surprising and very pleasant personal encounters.

As I went to the airport I only felt incomplete in one thing and that was the promise I had made to Carola Eastwood to introduce myself to Alan Oken and give him a hug from who do I end up sitting next to here in the airport but Alan. Enjoy the Ride? Mission Accomplished.

Hal Bahr at Louis Armstrong Airport in New Orleans on his way home...

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