Monday, May 28, 2012

Some Words from Robin

Hello everyone,

Yes, it's me, Robin Dalton from Postcards from UAC ~ United Kingdom Branch, peeking out from behind her laptop.

I have finally managed to pull myself away from uploading submissions and frankly, anything else I can find on UAC, to say a few words.

Those of us working behind the scenes have been deeply humbled by the overwhelming support we have received from all of you at UAC 2012.

Today Michael Erlewine wrote a not surprisingly beautiful entry to his New Orleans Journal. In it he mentioned how the energy is subtly changing as the awareness of the coming close of UAC enters our consciousness. I felt my heart break a little bit at the realisation that this fun adventure will be ending soon.

Because I am six hours ahead of everyone in New Orleans, being the United Kingdom branch of Postcards from UAC, I start working while you are still asleep. I look at what was done by Lisa while I was sleeping and post it to the Facebook Group from the blog. I also look at the tweets from the night before and usually make notes, because they have been full of so much wisdom.

For instance: In the middle of my Saturday night, I read this simple little tweet sent by April of @bigskyastrology in reference to Kelly Surtee's talk on secondary progressions: RT @bigskyastrology Surtees: Take note of Pr angle rulers switching signs - major shifts. #UAC2012 followed by a comment made by @JulieWebgirl “Oooo.. *checks chart*...”

I thought, I really must remember to check my chart. And lo and behold the next morning I was greeted with the knowledge that the progressed ruler of my ASC is at 02 degrees, the progressed ruler of the MC is at 3 degrees, the progressed ruler of the IC is at 9 degrees and the final ruler of the DESC is Saturn who is busy with a second Saturn return... Major Shifts, indeed!

So, the morning is really where I see what you've been experiencing. I have to say it is a pretty cool time for me. I really can't thank you enough for being so generous with your time and creativity. This morning, before Michael's email came through, I found myself suddenly realising that the end was nigh. But he really voices it so much better than I have. So, if you haven't read it, you can find it here: A Hint of the Impermanence of It All

This has turned out to be a more serious post than I had planned. There were some funny moments, like when Google removed the blog from the internet and wouldn't let us into our email due to suspicious activity on the account. Apparently logging in from the U.S., England and Sweden was just a little too much for them to reconcile. However, our Swedish volunteer has been a fabulous ReTweeter. And that rather bizarre moment when I, dripping wet from a shower, found myself hopping around the kitchen giving the F word entirely too much usage, until Google and I came to an understanding, is a mere whisper of a memory.

I know you must be getting tired, but... (you know what's coming next) when you have a chance send us something at

Also, don't forget to thank the UAC Board for having faith in us and approving this little project of ours. And if you see Wonder Bright or Donna Woodwell running around, let them video or photograph you :)

Thank you again for helping to make this year's UAC a special time of gathering and sharing of knowledge for astrologers everywhere.

Have a joyful day,

A rather tired and bedraggled Robin from the United Kingdom Office of Postcards from UAC


  1. Thank you so very much for posting for UAC Postcards. I'm in San Francisco and could not attend the conference. Because of all the wonderful effort everyone had put into sharing, you most of all so my inbox attests, I have had the vicarious UAC experience. Again, thank you. Nora Jean Stone, Dir. Publicity and Outreach for the San Francisco Astrological Society.

  2. Thank you, Nora, for your kind words. It was a lot of fun. As I'm in England, I didn't get to attend either so working on the project gave me a chance to participate, albeit in a miniscule way. Hopefully, this will be the first of many conferences that get covered in this way. Thank you, again.