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Brilliant Dreamers, Thinkers, Observers and Speakers On a Night In New Orleans at UAC 2012


This is another update we received from Hal Bahr on our Postcards from UAC Facebook Group. You can find him on Facebook HERE  and also on his Wordpress Site: Soul Journey Design

This particular volunteer was fortunate enough to live in New Orleans (in the Marigny, just outside the Quarter) for a number of years. I visited the Quarter in 2008, 3 years after the devastation of Katrina. Hal's description and observations are gratefully received. It's only the very beginning and already he has made me feel just the tiniest bit part of it all and he has made my heart sing just a little bit. This is what I had always hoped Postcards from UAC could be. So, please, don't be shy. Send us your videos, your photos, your words, your poetry...

With much gratitude,
Robin Dalton
Postcards from UAC Volunteer

Back at the hotel after a great evening spent with Caroline Casey, Michael Erlewine, and Martha Ward, who wrote an amazing biography of Marie Laveau, the voodoo priestess of New Orleans, among other books. It was a treat to meet Michael and watch as two brilliant master astrologers (among other things in lives lived broad and deep) and abstract thinkers met each other for the first time and began to exchange ideas and vastly broad life experiences with one another. Being in the presence of People of Presence I got to be the listener, happier than any fly on the wall, with better drinks and food.

Martha lives here in New Orleans and picked us up at the hotel to take us on a tour of the Bywater neighborhood and the Lower 9th Ward. She told stories of the devastation of Katrina and the renewal of spirit that followed. We stopped at one spot in Bywater that had been blighted, but was taken over by the Vodoun community and rebuilt as a center of community growth and activity. Now filled with restaurants, healing arts, health foods (literally the only one on this side of the Mississippi) community credit union, yoga studio, dance studio, community outreach, low-cost housing, and an interfaith center. Rebuilt and painted in vibrant hues that proclaim new life and unity of purpose. She then took us on a tour of the hardest hit parts of the 9th ward. New buildings interspersed with still-blighted homes, vacant lots and the heart-tugging sight of only the front steps and walk up to what were once houses that families lived and thrived in. Six years later the wounds are still present but so is the creative and concrete rebirth.

Remembered will be the musician's neighborhood where artists were given low-cost homes in exchange for sweat equity and work on neighbor's houses, the area where Brad Pitt financed new green technology homes built high enough to survive another great flood and fitted with solar panels, The community garden area, the sun setting over a new levee and storm walls. The blood and tears of the past have watered and fertilized this new garden of the future and breeding ground of creative vision. The triumph of the weediness in the human race that lets us set down roots and re-grow even after devastation.

Seeing a slice of history as we passed the Mother-in-law lounge. Finally we ended up at a quintessential New Orleans restaurant The Praline Connection. How many things can you have deep fried? Apparently pretty much everything including okra, pickles, oysters, catfish, chicken livers, crab cakes, crayfish, and shrimp accompanied with tasty sides of mustard and collard greens. Definitely got my fix of Corexit [see euphemism for oil~rd] and a taste of the faith of the people who live in an area that intertwines the economies of oil and fishing in slightly uncomfortable and delicious ways. Talk about Neptune in Pisces during a time of Pluto/Uranus...The food, wonderful as it was, got overshadowed by the interplay of these brilliant thinkers, dreamers, observers and speakers with the backdrop of a high-school kids band on the corner tuning up to improvise the night away. Only available at UAC in New Orleans 2012.

Back at the hotel after a great evening spent with Caroline Casey, Michael Erlewine, and Martha Ward who wrote an amazing biography of Marie Laveau the voodoo priestess of New Orleans among other books. It was a treat to meet Michael and watch as two brilliant master astrologers(among other things in lives lived broad ...See more
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  1. What a wonderful report Hal, thanks so much for sharing your account with the astrology community!