Monday, June 25, 2012

April Elliott Kent: UAC 2012 (Part Two): The Conference

I'm a little late getting these up. I put them up on our Facebook Group but completely forgot to post them on the blog. Fortunately, Lisa sent me a reminder, so here's a partial look. Don't forget to click on the link to read the entire post.

This is Part Two of April Elliott Kent's (of Big Sky Astrology) blog post on her time at UAC in New Orleans this year:



UAC presented a classic conference-goer’s dilemma: one ass, many potential seats. I tried live-tweeting the sessions I attended, but the hotel wi-fi was spotty at best (and I have thus far managed to resist the siren call of the smart phone). I went to a few sessions, but not as many as I have at past conferences. I find I don’t have a lot of patience anymore for sitting still and listening to much of anything for an hour and ten minutes; or perhaps it was all those transiting planets in Gemini. In any event, here were a few of the sessions I sat in on (most of them before my own talk blew me out of the water, energy-wise), along with some of my fairly shallow notes, tweets, and observations. (The lectures should be available for purchase at the conference website by the end of June.)
  • Richard Tarnas (What is the Relationship of Myths to Planetary Archetypes?), who spoke about the nexxus where the names assigned to the planets do and don’t intersect with mythology. At the time I didn’t think I was keeping up. Weeks later, though, this is the talk that keeps popping into my mind and supplying little nuggets to chew on.
My tweets from the session, which reveal my vacuousness:
  • Richard Tarnas – myths, planetary archetypes, and at one point *jazz hands*.
  • Tarnas: Astrology of modern planets don’t nec reflect myth so much as the era in which discovered. You, Uranus, are no rebel.
  • Greco-Roman gods = patriarchal thugs. Heh. Good one, Richard Tarnas.

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